I Saw A UFO Over the Cardigan River – Am I Crazy?


I saw a UFO over the Cardigan River; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. On August 14th, over the Cardigan river in Prince Edward Island, I saw something that I cannot explain. I had gone to dinner with friends at about 8:30pm at Cardigan Lobster Suppers to enjoy a solid meal. 5 courses later (mmm!), we were on our way home. It must have been 9:30 or 10:00pm, but unfortunately I did not have my phone with me. On the way home, over the Cardigan river seemed to be approximately 6 lighted objects, brighter than the stars in the sky, somewhat hazy around them. They weren’t dangling, nor did they have any smoke trails emanating from them, and they weren’t moving or falling but they didn’t look fixed in place, if that makes any sense.

The pattern looked like this:

Unidentified Flying Object Cluster

With the bottom object still a good 50 feet from the surface. We stopped the car and observed them for a few minutes before deciding to drive closer to get a better look. At the time, I was convinced they were attached to a power line or some sort of elevated platform, but was told that there was nothing there for them to be attached to and it was dark, so I couldn’t see the landscape. In any case, we began to drive around the side of the river, which was obscured by a lot of forest. About 1 minute after driving, I spotted the lights again from the side, still in the same position, though slightly shifted due to my angle. Another two minutes, and I saw them again, also shifted. I then lost them for about 4-5 minutes, and when we came out at another location where we could see the whole river, they were gone. There was no evidence of them at all.

Later, upon returning home, I tried to dig up some information as to a possible explanation. These were objects that remained in a fixed position for 5 minutes (that we witnessed) and then seemingly vanished. The closest solution I could think of was that they were flares, but in researching the hangtime for flares, nothing added up (unless they were a military exercise with parachutes, but even then, we would have seen the drift). I couldn’t find any reason of something that could remain static as these did.

So I turned to the internet to see what I could see, and strangely enough, I discovered this when googling, “cardigan lights”:

Note: this is Cardigan of West Wales, as in across the Atlantic Ocean. Yet, what this guy caught on film is similar to what we saw, though the pattern was angled the other way from top right to lower left. The lights were brighter for us, and they seemed a lot closer than what the distance in this video was. This is significantly different than what flares may look like, as follows:

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This is NOT what we saw. There was no smoke trail, and the lights did not seem to be 30 miles or more away. I’m open to someone telling me I’m wrong and that they are flares, but only if they have used flares before and understand the in’s and out’s. It also didn’t look like this (from the Phoenix Lights phenomenon that happened recently):

Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting

One possible explanation would be that there was a military exercise over the Cardigan river in PEI, and that we happened to catch the last 5 minutes of it before they all fizzled out simultaneously. Yes, possible, but I’m a fan of Signs and UFOs, so I’m not leaning that way until someone proves it. Yes, I’d rather believe the impossible but truly, these to me were Unidentified Flying Objects. I’m not suggesting they were alien spaceships, but they definitely seemed to be nothing common or normal.

I promise you, I’m mostly sane. Without this incident in my life, the strangest things I’ve seen have been in movies like Human Centipede and Piranha 3D. So I ask you, have you seen anything similar? Were you in Cardigan on that night and saw something similar? Or am I just nuts?


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