Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Box Office


Moviefone has compiled a cool list of many of the video game and pop culture references sprinkled throughout Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. This film’s box office is proving to be every bit as much as an oddity as the film itself. If this film stays on track to come in fifth this weekend, to me, it sends a message to studios, and it ain’t a good one.

It tells them they can invest money in having the coolest Comic-Con presence out there, give out awesome chotchkies, build the hype with screenings that generate five-minute-long standing ovations all which translate to the best praise for a film ever on sites like Twitter (just search for #ScottPilgrim on there if you need proof) — and yet when opening weekend comes around, where are all these people?!

Is it not enough to connect with a young audience today, dumb fuckers who can’t BREAK AWAY from those same social networking sites for even two hours? Or is it the whole attitude of “why should I leave the house when I can torrent a bootleg” ? Or maybe knowing it only takes three months for a blu-ray to become available for popping into their PS3? I honestly can’t figure it out. But it sucks. And I fear it will lead to less awesome comic-con epicness from studios in the future.

This is one of the all time great fun film EXPERIENCES. There’s no other film like SPvsTW. A film that takes you by surprise and K-O’s you with it’s originality. Sure, it may be love it or hate it, but just please please go out and see this now, TODAY, and decide which side you fall on! The future of awesomeness depends on it!

Source = Moviefone

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5 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Worst b.o. report ever. There is no longer any hope for the future of awesome.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Cut and Pasted from comment section from the today’s B.O. report on Hollywood Daily. “Vesper” takes the words outta my mouth:

    “…I mourn the fact it didn’t do better than it did. I was at the infamous Scott Pilgrim panel at Comic-Con wherein Wright invited a small percentage of the audience to come see the film with he and his cast.
    They did everything right to market this picture to its proper demographic. Sadly, that demo embraced this film in every way except at the box office.
    Now Hollywood will be loathe to take similar risks, and we are all the poorer for this.”
    Comment by Vesper — Saturday August 14, 2010 @ 5:07pm PDT


  3. Cybergosh says:

    Here’s an LA Times article where everyone has a theory…


    The last line is great ‘Who cares how much it made – I’m just glad it exists.”

    I am too – but when films this groundbreakingly awesome tank, it really is the most distasterous thing that can happen to filmmaking.

    I consider SPvsTW ten times more of a “game changer” than anything Cameron did.

  4. Cybergosh says:

    OK, FilmDrunk kinda makes some good points here….

    “The sky will no doubt be falling among the fanboy community this morning over the Scott Pilgrim news, but things will be fine. This isn’t that surprising. The truth is, it didn’t look like something I would enjoy (and again, I loved it). If it doesn’t earn out, it’ll be okay. You’ll still be free to love it. Everyone involved will work again. And the business implications? I wouldn’t worry. It’s too unique a movie to torpedo future projects. What’s an exec going to say? No more graphic novel projects? No more video gamey projects? No more campy romance projects? No more chicks with stupid hair? OH PLEASE, HOLLYWOOD, DON’T STOP OPTIONING COMIC BOOKS AND VIDEO GAMES! Whoa, sorry, I almost choked on my sarcasm there. Look, if Scott Pilgrim had made as much money as Inception, you wouldn’t even want to imagine the kind of horrible, ham-fisted Hollywood rip-offs that’d be getting greenlit right now. Trust me, this is a win-win.”


  5. Cybergosh says:

    Yes, I am aware I am commenting to myself. Let me be! This is therapeutic.