Scott Pilgrim Vs… Ferris Bueller?


“In some scenes, Scott Pilgrim is Ferris Bueller, but then seconds later he is Cameron, and I actually drew a graph on the back of one of our scripts with Matthew Broderick on one side and Alan Ruck on the other, and in the middle we had an arrow and called it the ‘Ferris Wheel.’ So sometimes Michael would ask: ‘What extreme am I supposed to be in this scene? Where are we on the Ferris Wheel?’ And I’d say: ‘We’re a quarter past Ruck.”
–Edgar Wright to Time

Scott Pilgrim started at Midnight. If you were not there you have missed one of the best midnight screenings of your life. You have one last chance at epic epicness the way it’s meant to be experienced tonight, Friday. Level Up!

Oh, and for more Edgar Wright interesting epicness, check out THIS interview, where he speaks his mind on topics such as 3D, Opening alongside The Expendables, and how surreal it is that TRON: Legacy exists.


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