Wizarding World Location Angers London Mayor


The highly anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened June 18th, but not everyone is happy about that.
The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said the attraction is in the wrong city.
“(Harry Potter is) a prime example of British intellectual property. The fruits of the genius of JK Rowling are going to be exploited by the Americans,” Johnson said.

Johnson also said London is the perfect backdrop for a Harry Potter theme park since Harry and his friends are British — not American.

“Clearly, there were big bucks involved in the decision to go to Orlando. Maybe we can’t offer (money) on that scale, but I think there’s a huge opportunity,” Johnson said. “There’s a massive, massive market. It’s not just British kids. It is Chinese kids; everybody is reading about this wizard guy, Harry Potter.”

The mayor asked children to write to Universal, Warner Brothers and the author, JK Rowling, and urge them to bring Potter home to Britain.

Johnson said he has nothing against Orlando, but he deeply and bitterly resents that this city is about to become the official place of pilgrimage for every Harry Potter fan on Earth.

Source = Wesh.com


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