MonsterQuest Tonight – The Gable Film!




Ah, MonsterQuest, you’ve lured me into your snare again.  After disappointing non-monsterous quests (big snakes? bees?) and episodes ending with a shrug of “who knows” (Flying Humanoids) tonight they will hopefully get it right with an investigation of the Michigan Dogman and his appearance in the supposedly found footage 8mm “Gable Film.” 
The Gable Film, at first a  few minutes of the type of banal footage you shoot when you get your first video camera…but wait for it…wait for it..whoa.  Fake?  Probably.  But damn if you don’t want to watch it repeatedly, there’s just something so creepy and wrong about how it moves.  So check out “America’s Wolfman” tonight on the History Channel, preceded by “Lizard Monster” for all you fighting the Reptilian Agenda .

Update – Well that was a letdown.  A guy who looks like a roadie for Ratt pulled that off?  Dag.  Well done man, you need to quit screwing around with antique snowmobiles and get a job at Weta.


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