Warner Bros. Launches DC Entertainment

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The Superheroes of DC Comics

In the wake of Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, Warner Bros. needed to do something and do something they have. Introducing DC Entertainment, a new standalone business that focuses on everything in the DC universe (movies, video games, TV shows, and a little something called comic books). Diane Nelson was named president of DC Entertainment, coming from similar duties at Warner’s direct-to-DVD division. She’s also been the lady running the Harry Potter franchise, so she knows a little something about making blockbuster entertainment.

Expect to see a lot more synergy between the comics, games and movies, as Warner Bros. looks to compete with the new comic-infused Disney. On the slate for Warner’s is movie Green Lantern, the TV show Human Target, the massively multiplayer game DC Universe Online and quite a few other unannounced games, like the rumored Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 2. Maybe we’re expecting too much from them, but after the awesomeness that is Batman: Arkham Asylum, maybe we’re entitled to!

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