TRON: Legacy Blu-ray Update


New news today on the April release of TRON and TRON: Legacy and an amazing combo box set including both! According to Collider, the rumored Tron 3 footage shot for the Blu-ray may just be special footage created especially for the home video release and not a teaser trailer for a new Tron film at all.

Read their story HERE.

As for me, I feel that this is very likely – and that if Disney was going to announce a third TRON film they’d do it in grand style as they did in July 2008 with the surprise of TR2N. Not only would this generate the kind of excitement they’d want it to, but it would keep the TRON SDCC presence alive for the fourth year in a row and potentially give us more FLYNN LIVES ARG fun… after all, when you think about it – “Flynn Lives” is even more appropriate a title now than ever!


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