(500) Days of Summer…yeah, a part of me liked it – you know the crevice between my most inner thigh and ball sack? The area that no one should smell after a long summer’s day? Yeah, that’s the part. That part of me liked it. All the other parts of me disagree with my crevice’s opinion and feel that not since Juno has there been a more frustratingly annoying indie to wreak havoc on pop culture.

I could spend an hour typing everything wrong with this film, but I won’t give in to the hatred. It has already taken enough time from my life and I would rather devote my time to awesomeness – so let’s change the subject to ADAM.

Please, if you are in the mood for a some romance – seek out Adam over 500 Days. It’s a sweet little New York love story with two great leads that you can root for and unconventional narrative turns. I actually teared up a little. This film deserves 500 times the money and buzz.


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2 Responses

  1. Eros Welker says:

    Is it wrong of me to want Jennifer’s Body to fail because of El Diablo? I’m going to say yes, and I’m sure she’s a lovely human being, but I can’t change my head.

  2. shanty irish says:

    Best opening to a review EVER.