Best Seats Ever for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!


Canada and Vegas get the love as Harry Potter becomes the third movie to use the D-BOX motion control seat tech. No NYC yet, surprisingly. When Matthor, Jen and I caught Terminator: Salvation, it changed the way I want to see movies. Not enough to buy this for the home (until I have money to burn), but definitely when I go out to catch ’em. I can only imagine what the day will be like when I’m in IMAX 3-D in motion control seats. It’s coming. I know it!!

Till then, I’ll be here sometime after July 15th.

The press release below:

“An epic tale of fantasy and flight, fans of the popular Harry Potter movie franchise will have the opportunity to live the adventure from their very own motion-enhanced seats with the world premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince July 15.

D-BOX Technologies Inc. (DBO.A on the TSX Venture Exchange) allows moviegoers to experience all the wizardry and magic of the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series from motion-enhanced theater seats that move in perfect sync with the onscreen action, allowing realistic sensations of flight, levitation and the intensity of fierce battle.

Creating an unmatched, realistic immersive experience, motion designers at D-BOX custom develop motion effects for each movie, frame by frame, utilizing the company’s groundbreaking Motion technology. Each seat is designed to move during onscreen action sequences and remain still during the quieter, more dialogue-driven scenes. Individual seats are equipped with adjustable intensity settings for even further personalization.

“We are proud to announce this third feature film and second Warner Bros. partnership,” said President and CEO of D-BOX Technologies, Claude Mc Master. “Following the success of recently released action titles, Fast & Furious and Terminator Salvation, D-BOX will reach a new audience with Harry Potter, appealing to families and children. This is the first PG-rated movie featuring D-BOX Motion technology and we’re confident it will be a huge hit among younger moviegoers and franchise fans.”

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In addition to the four existing U.S. movie theaters that feature these innovative, motion-enhanced seats, two new movie theaters will debut motion seating with the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Cineplex Odeon Queensway in Canada, the first theater in Canada, and Galaxy Cannery Theatre in Las Vegas, Nev., the second Galaxy Theatres location.

D-BOX Motion Systems are also available at the Mann Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood; UltraStar Cinemas in Surprise, Ariz.; Galaxy Highland Theatre in Austin, Texas; and Theatres at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.


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