She Got Him



American actor David Carradine has been found dead, hanging by a nylon rope in a hotel room closet in Bangkok, Thailand, according a Thai police official.

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  1. Roger says:

    I met David Carradine briefly at a Chiller Theatre convention a few years ago. My friend Tadayuki from M1GO was with me. Tada had been saving vacation time and money for months so he could come to America and meet one of his favorite film stars.

    Tadayuki’s English skills were very good, but he wanted me with him in case he got tongue tied in front of his hero. The Saturday morning of the show, we used our dealers’ passes to get into the autograph room early.

    Carradine was there, sitting next to Dean Stockwell and joking around. We politely kept our distance from the table, waiting for them to finish talking. When he turned around to us, we approached, and Tadayuki managed to squeak out, “I am a big fan.”

    No acknowledgement from Carradine, so after a pause I piped up. “Tadayuki here came from Japan, and he was wondering if you could sign some items of his.”

    Carradine just kept looking at us. Nothing. He turned to Stockwell and asked dryly, “Is it martini time yet?”

    Turning back to us, he wordlessly pointed at the list of prices for signing items and buying photographs. Tada was prepared with a stack of bills. He purchased an autographed photo and paid for Carradine to sign three Kill Bill DVDs.

    Through the entire transaction he never said one word to myself or Tadayuki. He just glared at us while he signed the photo and DVDs, and took the money.

    Walking back to the dealer’s room, Tada asked, “Maybe he is not such a nice person?”

    So, in summary, FUCK YOU, DAVID CARRADINE. I’ll never forget how you treated my friend.

    (And yes, folks, by posting this I am giving you carte blanche to judge me based on how I behaved towards you for a two-minute period at Chiller Theatre, once I shuffle off this mortal coil. However, I’ll say if you were giving me money for stuff, the experience was probably somewhat pleasant.)

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I’ve never met David Carradine, and most likely never will (unless he visits me as a ghost, or I visit him in Hell), but this makes me sad.  I also expect better from Dean Stockwell; he should have said something!  DEATH TO DEAN STOCKWELL!!!!

    Kidding.  About the Dean Stockwell part.