S. Darko?  Where Did This Come From?


I may not be checking my future DVD Releases as often as I used to – but I still would have expected to have heard about this before. Apparently a RichardKellyless-direct-to-dvd sequel to Donnie Darko is about to be unleashed upon the world on April 28th. While it’s nice to see Elizabeth Berkley getting work, i can only assume the S stands for Slipshod.

CLICK HERE for the trailer.


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  1. Eros Welker says:

    OMG!  Awesome, I will absolutely be renting this.  It will be a thousand times better than Southland Tales at least.

  2. Shanty Irish says:

    I totally told you about this when they were making it, Krill.

    I told you I emailed Toni about it and her response was like the screaming letters in Harry Potter.