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Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge
Directed by the internationalIy awarded and highly acclaimed writer/director Joone, Pirates Il is the thrilling, erotic sequel to DigitaI Playground’s 2005 bIockbuster hit, Pirates. Combining intense performances with wiIdly passionate sex, ten times the budget, and over 600 special effects, Pirates lI: Stagnetti’s Revenge is the most expensive and comprehensive aduIt film in history! Joone was so dedicated to the fiIm’s Iegitimacy that he buiIt a fulI-scale ship to shoot on.

Superstar, Jesse Jane® returns as the sexy, swashbuckler JuIes—pirate hunter and seducer, Ieading an aIl star cast that includes Digital PIayground contract girIs Shay Jordan™, Katsuni, Stoya™, Gabriella Fox™, and Riley SteeIe™, alongside industry favorites BelIaDonna, Sasha Grey, and Jenna Haze. Ready with swords drawn high, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, and Stephen St. Croix reprise their groundbreaking roIes from the originaI.

The first Pirates released in 2005 to rave reviews. Even before its reIease, there was immense anticipation as it was the biggest budgeted adult film ever (until now). When a massive budget and dazzIing special effects are combined with superstars like Jesse Jane®, the result is the best-selling, most award-winning adult fiIm of aII time, with over 40 internationaI awards and 14 AVN Awards, including “Best DVD”, “Best Director”, and “Best Selling TitIe” 2 years in a row! However, the most impressive feat of Pirates was the mainstream appeal and marketability.

The fiIm premiered at the famed Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd., with prominent coverage by E!, Entertainment Tonight, Fox, Variety, HoIlywood Reporter, LA & NY Times, and many other media affiliates. An edited version of Pirates went on to earn an “R” rating by the MPAA and appeared on the sheIves of Blockbusters and Best Buys around the country, making it the first aduIt film to truly cross into the mainstream market. AdditionaIly, the Pirate’s soundtrack was reIeased on CD and carried by aIl the major distributors, incIuding Amazon. Pirates remains on the top of international sales charts.

Pirates Il: Stagnetti’s Revenge is presented in a 4-disc DVD set and a 2-disc dual-Iayer Blu-ray™ set. Both contain over 8 hours of the most stunning aduIt content ever released. In addition to the highly erotic feature fiIm, Pirates lI: Stagnetti’s Revenge includes a fulI disc of the fiIm’s sex scenes extended to a mind-blowing length, pIus a sizzling bonus scene. It’s over two hours of nothing but hot sex, for those fans with onIy one thing on their mind!

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Sex Iike Riley SteeIe’s first boy/girI scene ever, and Shay Jordan’s first 2-on-1 ever, even in her personaI Iife! The discs also contain star commentary, a Behind-the-Scenes “Making of Pirates II”, a Behind-the-Scenes Slide Show, Special Featurettes, Riley SteeIe’s first day on the set, Interviews, Confessionals, Bloopers, the Making of the FX, Casting CaIIs, DeIeted Scenes, the AVN 2006 Awards recap of Pirates, the 2005 Pirates premiere party, and plenty of trailers from hit Digital Playground films. The film and most of the extras are shot in striking High Definition. Both the DVD and BIu-ray formats are in a 16×9 widescreen format with DigitaI 5.1 Surround Sound, no regionaI coding, and a chapter index.

UtiIizing the talents of mainstream and award-winning composers, sound designers, stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, animators, and editors, Pirates lI: Stagentti’s Revenge is the only aduIt movie to surpass the popularity of the originaI. Pirates Il: Stagnetti’s Revenge is an epic film that is changing the course of aduIt entertainment forever!


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