prince of broadway

“Savvy marketing could lead to substantial arthouse play.” Damn straight, someone buy that shit, yo! I realize none of us have reviewed the film yet, but for what it’s worth, I dug it. It looked great, had some good laughs and wonderful character moments, and surprisingly accessible for a Bake Snaker joint. I didn’t love all the characters I met, but the ones I did stick with me… and that kid is some find. Unbelievable what the Bake gets away with here!

My only nitpicks reside with some of the less important characters (Lucky & Levon make up for it though), the redundancy that’s introduced due to some of the unscripted banter, and some minor quibbles with the lighting in some scenes (though most of Bake’s shots are beautiful). Oh, and with the guy that gets pushed in the snow, and that girl he’s with. And the lawyer. No, not the bearded one, the other slimeball.

Now go see Take Out, you NYC fools.

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By E-G 421