Brutal Night Bashing


Courtesy of the NY Post:

HERE’S something about M. Night Shyamalan that inspires his detractors to wax metaphorical. In the leaked reviews leading up to “The Happening,” the director’s been compared to an ex-girlfriend you can’t stop hooking up with (“because, you know, it might work this time”), an abusive spouse (“if I just love him enough, he’ll stop hitting me”) and, most colorfully, Lucy Van Pelt: “She winks, nods, and says ‘Come on, Chuck, just give the old ball a kick. I promise I won’t move it this time.’ But you know she will. She always does.”

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  1. Eros Welker says:

    I wish someone would interview Night NOW, not that I expect him to swing away from his “scariest movie ever” schpiel.