Weezer’s Pork and Beans Music Video


If you’ve watched a “viral” video in the last few years, you HAVE to watch this music video. The song is pretty catchy, but the video is full of in-jokes for viral video watchers, either integrating meme stuff (like the hand writing lyric thingamajig) or my favorite, taking “stars” like TAY ZONDAY and CHRIS CROCKER!!! haha Really, watch this, there’s lots of lightsabers too. No joke!


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  1. rockthefaces says:

    I’m shocked – SHOCKED – that you like this video. You say it has in-jokes…but where are the jokes? It’s like Epic Movie – just referencing something isn’t a joke. Ooh, so there’s this thing called Youtube??? And people do funny stuff on it??? Oh, Weezer, you cutting-edge cats, you!

    To me, this reads as a cynical and lazy attempt at making a viral music video. It’d be like if this was 1992 and Weezer made a video in which everyone’s wearing flannel and drinking coffee.

    Big-time JEERS.

  2. Eros Welker says:


    Seriously, I love Tay Zonday, and Chris Crocker, and lightsabers, and and and..  I shouldn’t have used the word “joke,” you’re right; I didn’t find anything particularly ha-ha funny, but I did love seeing Tay Zonday singing along, and the All the Base and all that stuff.  Oh dammitttt

  3. junktape says:

    I’ve always liked Weezer – and yes, the video does little more than acknowledge all these viral stars, but I have no problem with that – South Park just did it as well.  What I like about the video is that they got many of the actual people involved, and that the whole thing just seemed like a lot of fun.  It ain’t the second coming but it’s nothing to get bent outta shape over either.  Fun video.  Nice video.  Fun video.

  4. rockthefaces says:

    I guess, as with many things like this, my problem isn’t as much with the video as it is with all the hoopla being made over the video…which problem I then transfer onto the video, which is really just innocently sitting there being nice and all. I mean, to read a lot of music blogs that have posted about this thing, it is grade-A HI-larious, quite possibly the funniest video EVAR, etc., etc. And I just don’t see it. I like Tay Zonday as much as the next guy, but when you’re getting beaten to the punch by Dr. Pepper, you’re not exactly on the cutting edge of cleverness. And, um…all your base? Really? In 2008?

    Now, CGI-ing yourself into a scene from Happy Days, THAT is cleverness.

  5. bake snaker says:

    Weezer made 2 good albums and that is all.  They are worth nothing now.