Matthor Gets Ready




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  1. cybergosh says:

    The best thing about Eros being out there is more Matthor shots on EG!

  2. mdhuff says:


    I have mixed feelings.  I liked much of it, but didn’t like other parts.  Hard to say.  I’m seeing it again.  Here’s a quick take on what I like and don’t like:


    Indy’s back! Marion’s back! Old Paramount logo. Groundhog. Warehouse. Magnetic mystery. 1950s vibe. Mutt entrance. Motor bike chase. Skull mystery. Cobwebs back! Quicksand scene. Cool sets. Ants. Aliens. John Williams.

    Don’t like:

    Flying fridge. Marion entrance. Too much talking. Skull-face jumpy guys. Green-screen jungle. Monkeys. Mutt swinging on vines. Jeep on bending tree, then over waterfalls. 13 skulls, need to return one missing, but what about the other alien bodies like the one Blanchett had? Native guards sealed up in walls.  Aliens become real.


    What if Indy got radiation poisoning from the blast?  Then, they could say, “Dr. Jones, you were infected by the bomb. I’m sorry, you have a few months to live. Go home to your family.” BUT he has no family.  So he goes on one last adventure, because that’s what Indy does.  And on this adventure, he FINDS his family.  Then, the aliens gift to him… is curing him of the radiation poisoning.  He gets a second chance at life. It could be corny, but… did you see the movie?

    I dunno.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    You also made the comment that you like when Indy is unwillingly or unknowingly helping out the bad guys.  The radiation poisoning could have aided that without the awkardness of them sometimes killing Indy, sometimes needing him to get to the next step.

  4. cybergosh says:

    Matthor – i LOVE that radiation poisoning idea so fucking much. 

    youve ruined the movie for me now.


    seriously – awesome idea and i am pretending this is true.

    ill make a list of my likes / dislikes later…

    going for the 4th right now….

  5. mdhuff says:

    HA!  Sorry to ruin it for you.  Hope you enjoyed the 4th 4th.  And I should give credit to Kurt for the “but did you see the movie” quote.

  6. junky says:

    I am seeing it again tomorrow, I think.  Wanted to see it twice.  Though I just don’t want to really ever talk about it.