Cold Prey, Be Kind Rewind, My Best Fiend

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Fritt Vilt AKA Cold Prey

I heard alot about this film… some people calling it the horror film of the year. Basically.. this is “Friday the 13th” plus snow… minus sex and gore… BOOOOOOO!!! And it’s spawned a sequel? What the hell. I paid $32 for this on Ebay and immediately resold it for only $7… I got screwed.

This chic…

who never shows more than this….

and this:


dies first!!! So who wants to stick around for the rest?!?!?!

Nice cinematography. But so incredibly trite, I can’t even tell you.
Be Kind Rewind

All together, I was pretty let down. Better than “Human Nature”…. 10 times worse than “Eternal Sunshine” and “Science of Sleep.” And I noticed that he’s pretty bad at straight forward comedy. There are some scenes near the beginning of the film that play like a bad French comedy. And French humor is basically witless slapstick.
It’s interesting that Melonie Diaz is getting so much attention. She’s good, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see how she was chosen to be the new indie darling…. the new Parker Posey if you will.
I can’t understand why the gorgeous and very talented Judy Marte, Melonie’s co-star in “Victor Vargas”, hasn’t shot in to that slot by now.
Anyway… the biggest problem with this film is that they are “sweding” films that aren’t iconoclastic enough. “Ghostbusters” is a classic but not as much of a classic as something like “Star Wars”. Sorry Junktape..I know it’s your fave. And “When We Were Kings”??!?!?! Who’s even seen this film? And to even mention “Gummo” is just pain dumb. They should be remaking the most classic of classic films.

Plus, this idea would have been interesting 15 years ago…but honestly…the young generation doesn’t even understand what a VHS tape is…. and I’m not exaggerating. I saw this film with a 19 year old and she had no idea what a videocassette is, let alone why they would be affected by a magnetic field. So basically this film was aged before it was even born.. and trust me..I get the joke..of some alienate universe in which VHS is still alive… but this one joke can’t support a feature. At best, this is a good skit from SNL circa 1987.

My Best Fiend

Very engaging personal account of what it was like to work with Klaus
Kinski as told by Werner Herzog. Some great archival footage and some
amusing Herzog narration chock full of his trademark metaphors and
analogies. Overall, I walked away thinking… Kinski is one of the
few actors… like Daniel Day-Lewis who can go so over the top ..yet
it’s okay. The over acting is accepted.. and appreciated. This is a
good film to watch at the gym, or traveling, even on an ipod….
don’t have to sit and make a night of it.