Knocked Up

I know… more than a year after its release…. but here’s what I think:

1) One scene made me laugh out loud – the shaving the pubes scene.
2) What kind of chic doesn’t take her bra off during sex?
3) Since when is doggie style a taboo act? What the hell!??! That scene made me feel horrible for Seth’s character.
4) In reality, this chic would have gotten an abortion so this whole film is null and void.

Bend It Like Beckham

I know it’s weird that Bake likes to review movies 5 years after the
fact.. but live with it.

Basic Brit family dramedy about a girl from a traditional Indian
family that dreams of being a professional soccer player. Nothing
more than simple charming comedy that only works as eye candy…
cause I didn’t really care what was happening plot-wise… all i could
do is stare at the most magnificent waif that god ever put on the
earth. And she’s in her most waifish here. This is the only reason
to rent this film:


This is such a boring review that I’ll give you one more:



Speaking of Sex

The worst goddamn piece of fuckin shit I’ve ever seen!!! Fuck John McNaughton and everyone else involved in this piece of garbage.