I have an affinity for little creatures… that is why my company is called Little Creature and why I’ll someday make a film called Little Creature… so anything with a little creature in it will win me over. And for the most part CJ7 wins me over. I read over Cybergosh’s and Shanty Irish’s comments on the film and agree that the film is a mess but not for the same reasons. I think you two maybe being a little too sensitive with the violence imposed on CJ7. The kids think this thing is a toy…. and we know he’s basically indestructible when it comes to outside forces…so I wasn’t as turned off as much by those scenes as you two seem to be.

Well, I guess I ‘m jumping ahead.. for those of you who haven’t seen the film or don’t even know what it is…it is Stephen Chow’s new flic… combining Charlie and Chocolate Factory (poor family) with E.T. (boy bonding with alien) with the tribbles. I didn’t get Shanty’s he/she reference until I did some reading up on this film…. and I have to say Jiao Xu should win every acting award ever because until moments ago I thought this girl had a penis!!!! MY god. This is a girl. Incredible. Is anyone else blown away by this?

Also, must point out the beautiful newcomer Kitty Zhang Yuqi. Bake Snaker could be mature and post a glamour shot..instead he’ll post this:

I have to say that Stephen Chow has a definite and unique vision in his work making him an undeniable auteur. His use of high-speed, fx-driven slapstick can get a little annoying though. it actually hurt CJ7. I would have been happy with a simple cute alien story.


And the reason this is a MUST SEE is because the last shot is absolutely fantastic. I don’t consider this a spoiler.. shoot me if you do… but in the last shot, you get to see a hundred of these little creatures running toward the camera… and call me gay… but they are just ADDDOORRABBBLLEEEEEEE. I want one!!!

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  1. Junktape says:

    I cannot wait for Little Creature!  Need help?  It should be your next movie.  Seriously, why not?  I can hook you up with some effects peeps (at least I think I can.) Start writing – I swear, if you did something like this your distribution by a major studio or foreign market is almost guaranteed.  Don’t even need any stars, but with a good script you might get one.  Sure it might be Rainn Wilson, but who cares?  LITTLE CREATURE!!!!  C’MON!!!!!!!!

    Drew just named his new cat miqu (mi-koo).  AWESOME NAME.

  2. cybergosh says:

    Bake – that’s a HUGE spoiler.  Shame on you for ruining the best part.

    You can buy little CJ’s on ebay.

    PS – even if he IS a toy – i would never treat any of my toy frinds the way that tranny brat treats cj.