Not As Much As I’d Have Liked

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I’m not in the mood to write lengthy BergViews anymore. But i still want to tell you when i see stuff and what i thought. I need a new system. So for now, what i’ll do is keep my Dots or no Dots which i’ve been doing since 1985, but i’ll have 7 categories:

5 Dots. True Awe = Movies that are not just movies, but ways of life. The last two in this category were Sweeney and Enchanted.

4 Dots. Awesome = Awesome experiences and films that will becomes part of my collection for sure. These are films like Hot Fuzz, Beowulf, Blades of Glory, Planet Terror, etc.

3 Dots. Yay! = Movies i’m so glad to have seen, but ones that i wont rush to add to my collection, although i loved them while i was there on opening night. Oceans 13 is a recent example of one of these.

2 Dots. Good, But… = Movies i’m glad i saw but will most likely never watch again. Magorium is a good example of one of these.

1 Dot. These are typically no dot films, but, for one reason or another..usually becuase i WANT to like them more, they will land in this category. These are films like Live Free or Die Hard…Black Sheep….films on the brink of no-dotness.

No Dot. Bad wastes of time. Ghost Rider would fit nicely here.

FuckCocksters = Juno.

Anyway, that said,

Jumper = 2 Dots.
Spiderwick = 1 Dot.

Also on Spiderwick, i just wanna say that this film proves my hatred of someone. There is an actor that i find totally off-putting. I hate everything he’s ever done and find no acceptable reason why he should be having any success. Anyway, there is a goblin character in Spiderwick which i really did not like. And i hated the voice work so much. I had no idea- but then, while seeing his credit, it all made sense. Of course it was Seth Rogan. Of course. Why wouldn’t it be? Ugggg.
Spiderwick should have been so much better.