Bergy Bergson’s War

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Yeah, ya know – yeah – okay – i guess Charlie Wilson’s War is okay. I mean – i could care LESS about the subject matter. And It didn’t seem like anything special leading up to it. Mike Nichols – yeah yeah sure sure – i mean yeah – for every Closer there’s a Regarding Henry. So it takes more than him. I guess i like big holiday releases. And here was a chance to get this one out of the way so i can have xmas day for AVPr & The Water Horse. I just have always enjoyed big Xmas day films with big stars, even if one of them is the ugliest woman in hollywood. I mean – seriously – c’mon – Julia wasn’t even hot when she was 20. Here we are made to believe Tom Hanks, with an office full of hot young assistants…actually believes Julia Roberts to be something other than common part horse / part stork farm animal. I’m sorry, i just couldn’t get past how ugly she was. I just could not get past it. We are even made to endure a shot of her exiting a pool in a bikini. My stomach churned – and that’s saying a lot… considering i’m just off a 16 day fast with nothing in my stomach.

Yeah – but that’s just it, i guess – despite my lack of interest and my utter disgust, the film managed to hold my interest the whole way through and create an entertaining hour and forty minutes – thanks mostly to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s awesomeness as well as the way-under-used-yet-still-so-likable Amy Adams. There were scenes where i wasn’t even paying attention to the dialogue because i was lost in her alone. She doesn’t get to do all that much but she doesn’t have to. I only wish she could play Giselle in every movie she’s in. So yeah. I mean, go if you’re so inclined. But don’t go out of your way if you’re not. Unless you’ve always dreamed of seeing the HanksAss.