I’m Excited


There are five films that have me beyond excited to be alive during the next six weeks. Excited beyond belief. Each for their own reason. Each equally giving me advance chills.

That’s all, I guess. That’s all i have to say. Just needed to get that out.

I was just on fandango signing up for “FanAlerts” to buy tickets to each of these and figured i would share what has me happy to be alive at the moment. I like being excited about movies.

PS – Don’t forget, RATAOUILLE is out on DVD & Blu-Ray this week along with the awesome PIXAR SHORT FILMS collection.

I’m a bit annoyed at how they’re skimping back on the extras on the regular versions and including more on the Blu-Ray versions.


ALSO – Pixar’s 14th short film, “Your Friend The Rat,” which is included on the Ratatatouille DVD – is incredible on many levels. The short is like none they’ve ever done before – a throwback to the old Disney shorts that attempted to teach in a fun way. But also for the fact that it has Pixar 2D traditional animation in it. Which is amazing to see them do in their own unique way.

Speaking of old Disney shorts,

You may not be aware that one fo the reasons to be excited about seeing Enchanted on November 21 is not only to see some of the first new traditionally animated stuff from them in years, but to be there for the kick off of the all-new Disney shorts. Goofy will return to the big screen in a throwback to his old instructional shorts in


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No Responses to “I’m Excited”

  1. oh wait its not that type of blog says:

    FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rover says:

    isn’t enchanted for nine year old girls?

  3. Danielle Raja says:

    Yes but there are songs by Alan Menkin so it’s also for homosexuals

  4. Kansas Girl says:

    I think there’s a lot of hetero guys who like this stuff, they’ve just been programmed by society not to admit it, they think they have to watch football all day or they’re a homo.

    If my husband was a little more in touch with his sensitive side maybe I wouldn’t be cheating on him every chance I get.

    cute pic!  The one in the middle can scurry my way any time he wants!

  5. Eros Welker says:

    I love all the “new” faces that have popped up, each with their own unique point of views and backstories!

    Allow me to share my take: All of these movies will bomb, and of the 5 only PT’s film will be worth watching.  I hope I’m wrong about this, but I probably won’t end up liking Ratatouille 1/10th as much as Berg.