Spidey 3 DVD = I did not pop it in yet but Raimi wrote “Be Responsible!” on it for me, as well as “Beast Witches!” on my Book of the Dead…so i’m psyched to re-visit Venom in all his suckishness. Hey, speaking of Venom, have you noticed that, since Spider-man 3, you see FAR less fanboys wearing Venom shirts?

30 Days of Night – Slade delivers the slickness as i knew he would – but he forgets to bring along characters that i want to survive. I hated almost everyone in this. Too bad. He knows how to make a film look awesome.

Nightmare Before Christmas in Disney Digital 3D = Do i really need to write anything here? Better and better every time. Has it really been 14 years?!?

Slipstream – I gave it about 45 minutes. Then i had enough and walked. I am all for cool, fucked up oddities. When they’re good. This is rediculous nonsense.

Virtuosity 2 = It had me for the first half. Then goes kaput. People want this to be the new Scarface. What they’ve got is an anticlimactic letdown. Crowe is good and Denzel is…Denzel. Whether Denzel is a hero or a villain he is always just…Denzel.

Bee Movie = This B gets an F. As in Fuck Dreamworks Animation and everything they ever do. I made it an hour and ten into it. Far more than i should have. Uggg.

Martian Child = I like this movie. Not a lot. But more than a little. Cusack still rules.

Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre on Broadway = The coolest, classiest performance/way-to-introduce-and-promote-a-new-album ever! Unreal. Who would have ever thought?!

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.