RIP GregTheWookiee


Greg the Wookiee was a modest hunter and trainer of creatures, who lived just outside the city of Coronet on the planet Corellia.

He was a loner, who spent much of his early life dancing for tips at the local cantina and selling his wares in public bazaars.

After several months (literally) of running pest extermination and other personal missions for locals, he became a covert member of the rebel alliance, having run missions for prominent figures such as Admiral Ackbar and Princess Leia.

For a time, he gained the confidence of the Tatooine underworld and earned enough trust to be allowed into the deepest levels of Jabba the Hutt’s palace.

When his friend Scoopus Snookems, a local droid dealer, asked him to mercy-kill him in a duel, he was left with over a million credits from his departed friend. And soon went from street pauper to one of the richest Wooks to ever stride down a Republic street. He bought the best armor, droids, and goods. He began using his new tools to further aid the fight against the Empire.

He visited his home-world of Kashyykk, which had fallen into dark times. There, he discovered his roots among those of the mighty Vorshyr trees, learning to hunt as his ancestors did, and to aid in the fight to free his people from enslavement by the Empire.

In his random travels as a space pilot and gun for hire, he eventually had visited enough sights and gained enough experience that he soon began to feel a connection to that mythological force spoken of by wizened spacers and other radicals.

But of course then the game dynamics changed — and he became a padawan Jedi simply by clicking a mouse key.

Yes, I have finally cancelled my subscription to Star Wars Galaxies. And in so doing, killed a character I’d developed since 2003. I’d lost myself in this game so many times. It’s world was lush and beautiful, and provided the ultimate escape for a star wars loving kid with a big imagination.

Unfortunately, the game mechanics were so insufferable, that after the game was re-launched for the THIRD time, I just had to stop playing altogether, and could not justify $150 of “life support” for my dear altar ego to go on.


I have over 1,000 images of Greg’s adventures, as well as that of Paxton D’aan, the Imperial pilot and Wumpus T’Monstrous, the Ithorian Jedi.


Greg is survived by absolutely nobody, and left everything to his droid, “Dwarf Inside,” and his pet Vractyl, “Bogie.”


Shit, I feel bad – I actually should have logged on before cancelling my account so I could have given that million dollars to another player. Ah well. Screw em.

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No Responses to “RIP GregTheWookiee”

  1. Roger says:

    Sorry to hear about the shaggy one’s passing. Now your time is freed up for a more respectable MMORPG like World of Warcraft or MySpace.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    This is very sad, but now it gives you plenty of time to play the next Star Wars MMO!!!!! GAMEZZZZ GAMEZZZZZ!!!!

  3. Fat Ass says:

    Dead and buried, along with Fatboughl the master bounty hunter.

    Don’t encourage him to play more MMO’s, he’ll just drag me in and ruin my life!!!