Iron Man OWNS




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  1. junktape says:

    This may be the second greatest super hero movie ever made.  Opening my jaded heart wide open for this one.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I know next to nothing about Iron Man, except from what Marvel Ultimate Alliance has taught me.  I love the way it opens and the montage of cool things… but I didn’t really think Iron Man flying around in the clouds was a good way to end it.  It felt like it sucked the wind out of everything.  To me, it wasn’t a “oh cool” moment, it was a dude flying around in the clouds.  For Iron Fans, I’m sure that was awesome, but to me who’s about to see a flick about dragons destroying LA, it seemed almost table stakes for a superhero flick.  And then, as if seeing it once for a long period of time wasn’t “cool” enough, it does it again.

    But I have high hopes because Downey may have finally found his late in life niche.