Catan Man and Me


I’m walking the streets during lunch today (Broadway @ Bond, for the nosy ones), and I see a fairly normal thing: A man in a cape, holding a sheep and a stick. On his cape was a familiar symbol, and around his neck hung one mighty word, CATAN. I don’t know what he was up to (he had a camera crew in tote), but he was nice enough to let me get a quick pic.


Catan Man, if you’re out there, good luck on whatever it is that you’re doing… and I’ll trade you two wheat for one ore.


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No Responses

  1. junktape says:

    LOL I was just gonna ask if he gave you wood!  I of course want brick – got me a long road to build!

  2. mdhuff says:

    Fantastic.  I love that you have no explanation.

  3. Settlerfan says:

    Oh my god…..

    I saw this guy at Gen Con and was looking for pictures of him when came I came across your posting here. Apparently he’s some guy who came up with a whole youtube episode series that depicts what it would be like if there was actually a person FROM Catan and what it would be lioke for him to visit New York.

    I sh#$ you not. Check it out.