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  1. junktape says:

    Hell must have just frozen over because I think I want Michael Bay to direct an American Godzilla.

    This is the fucking shit.  I fuck this shit.  Hard.  With my shit-fuckin stick.  Cannot wait.

  2. claire redfield says:

    it seems Dragon Wars was actually made in 1978 for the Sci-Fi channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM2noLkLJ6I

    Sept. 14th I am so there, I just hope those Korean dragons don’t swoop down and steal my laundry from my clothsline the way they stole their tagline from Transformers.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Me and MAO saw a billboard for this on Hollywood blvd a few nights ago.  I don’t know where the hell this came from but it is up there with Beowulf as my most anticipated movie event of what’s left of this year!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy shit!!!!