Jackie Flash: Pool Player Extraordinairre


A young hustler demonstrates his pool playing skills for an audience of no one. Not to be confused with “The Taste of Money,” which I believe was a porno flick the Rommel family rented “bi-mistake.”

I always dug the random music clips that were left behind in the editing of this. This was a CBP joint, I merely was an acting pawn for the intellectual and creative might that was Berg. I also wore tight jeans.


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  1. junky says:

    Yessum, this was his sight and sound video entry for Julia Keydel’s NYU undergrad class.  The assignment was to capture someone in the action of doing something.  But I think he broke the rules by doing a FAKE action, and for having so many cuts and stylized shots.  I think we were just supposed to go shoot someone docu style or something.  Anyway, you cannot put restrictions of the cybergosh mind.  It simply cannot be contained.  What began as a mere trip to the pool hall with trusty pal Eros as his subject, became the birth of one of America’s most beloved characters.

    Jackie Flash.

  2. Jackie says:

    Eight ball.  Side Pocket.

  3. WarrenTApe says:

    haha – yes! I was in this class!!  I remember i couldn’t stop laughing when Chris screened this, in part because Keydel was pissed – it was supposed to be a documentary. She said something like, ‘i suspect this isn’t a documentary’…hahaha – this makes me smile