Sicko, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Black Snake Moan



What can I say besides the fact that I like Michael Moore’s work and
this is another stand-out doc.  I found the structure interesting…
easing us in to going to Cuba by taking us first through Canada, then
to Britain, then to France.

My only criticism is that I wish he had more interviewees as
articulate and insightful as Tony Benn, a former member of the British
Parliament.  He says “People in debt become hopeless, and hopeless
people don’t vote.”  I also see this as the reason for the lack of activism on the part of Americans recently. It seems we’re in a hopeless situation here.

trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=joaAfBr9tAE

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.

All these years and I never saw this Troma film. Saw almost every
other Kauffman-helmed flic. Avoided this because from what I had
heard, it lacked the punch of the others. Well, they were right.
This is the most boring of all of Lloyd’s “films.” It’s stupid, base
and immature… it just ain’t stupid, base and immature enough. And
even though people see “The Toxic Avenger” as one of the ultimate
exercises in amateur b-moviedom…it is actually quite competent on
the directing side of things. Kabukiman looks like shite. And I’m
not talking just the cinematography… the art direction is


Our own Cybergosh with Mr. Kauffman. Sundance 2005

Not nearly sleazy enough. Although, only Kauffman would have a jokey
rape scene take place in Central Park- shot less than one year after the
infamous true life incident.

trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fJIB93RTDbM

Black Snake Moan

The movie is exactly what I expected.  Nothing special at all.
BUT… do people realize that this is what everyone has been waiting
for since we first saw Ricci’s face 16 years ago in “Addam’s Family”?
It took 16 years and that’s the problem.  We all forgot how
significant this is.  THIS IS 90 MINUTES OF CHRISTINA RICCI (looking
the best she has in her life) NUDE, RUNNING AROUND IN HER DAISY DUKES, OR CHAINED UP IN HER UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!  So, it doesn’t matter if this film is good or bad or whatever.  It’s not about the film.

But actually… I don’t really like the film… it seems the 2nd act is missing. We don’t see her transformation. Seems the stockholm syndrome kicks in off screen. It would have been nice to explore that…. THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF THE FILM!!! This film sucks.


If you are not filling up… you are the opposite of hetro.

trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ALyw5ukA7fE

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  1. cybergosh says:

    Then i enjoyed Black Snake twice as much as you.  I loved it on the Ricci Level – but also loved how the film was not just the premise set up in the trailer…i loved where the film went…and the last moment with Ricci and Justin in the car…i actually got emotional.  Maybe i related.  Who knows.  But it worked for me.

    I should watch Kabukiman…hey when the hell does Poultrygeist finally come out??!!!  Or is it out??  It’s been a year of waiting for that!!!

  2. Bake Snaker says:

    wow…i have no idea what that last scene is trying to be…no idea what it means…

    Poultrygeist looks great… was just at Cannes and they are going around Europe and then the Mid-west doing screenings… I think they’ll have NYC screenings in Oct.  One of us should get on mailing list

  3. Lekker Ding says:

    Sicko – I am a fan of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Roger and Me”.. and Michael Moore himself, but I was a bit disappointed by Sicko.

    Although I very much agree with the over all message of the film, and think it’s great that he’s getting that message out to so many people – I just didn’t think there was all that much there I didn’t already know. 

    My favorite parts of the film dealt with the insurance companies and how they’re set up to make profit, and how that screws over people from receiving care.

    The thing that bothered me most about this film was things were presented in an overly simplistic, black and white manner. The Britain and France segments were obviously not a realistic view of how things are over there.  He completely neglected to mention any problems within their systems.  He also didn’t bother to show us how any doctors and nurses working within the U.S. feel about any of this.

    I felt the Cuba thing was contrived and stagy, but even at his worst he manages to be entertaining.

    Having said all that I’m 100% in favor for universal health care.