Bake Snaker to cover NYAFF 2007!!!!!


That’s right… the New York Asian Film Festival starts this week and this time, I’m doing press coverage exclusively for EG!!!! Great line-up of films. I’ll be covering approx. 8 of them. The highlight is the North American premiere of PARK Chan-Wook’s new film “I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK.” PARK made “Old Boy” btw.

I’ve already reviewed two of the films that are showing in this year’s fest. I caught them early on DVD. One is the amazing “Dog Bite Dog” which even though I own the special edition DVD, I’m seeing in the theater anyway… it’s that good. Here is the link to my review on this:
Please see this film!!! I’ve begged you people to see this many times and I’m getting pissed off that not ONE of you have.

The other one… RYU Seung-wan’s “City of Violence.” Not so hot. Here’s my review from a couple of months ago.

Anyway… please let me know if any of you are catching any of these. I’ll be posting my reviews soon. Here’s a link and the festival trailer.


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  1. Lekker Ding says:

    I will try to see “Dog Bite Dog”, finally.  Now that it’s coming to the big screen, I feel less like a shmuck for sitting on it all these months.  Was talking to some guy in Norway the other day about violence in cinema and he brought up this film.. funny eh.

    Let me know if you think I shouldn’t miss any of the others.

  2. junktape says:

    AWESOME!!!!  Have fun!!!