I Want A Pirates Bed!


If there’s one thing that Pirates love, it’s treasure — and that’s just what Disney Consumer Products has in store for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates Treasure From Disney Consumer Products

DCP recently unveiled its trove of piratical products, which includes booty from all lines of business. The merchandise launch celebrates the third cinematic addition to the film franchise’s fleet, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, which invades theaters May 25.

Pseudo-swashbucklers and savvy shoppers of all ages can immerse themselves in the pirate life with products like a skull-and-crossbones-topped TV, a DVD player disguised as a captain’s wheel, new Special Edition Pirates of the Caribbean Tattoo shirts, leather jackets, high-end jewelry, toys like the Pirates Whirlpool Melee playset, videogames adapted for seven platforms (including Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360), stationery and detailed reproduction costumes.

There are also several special promotions:
Toys ‘R’ Us and Zizzle has begun awarding one ToysRUs.com customer each day with an 18K gold-plated Jack Sparrow figurine. The “21 Days of Pirates Gold” promotion ends May 24, the eve of the movie’s release. Also at stake: a Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Gibson guitar.

Wal-Mart will also be showcasing the new pirates products in its “Season’s Hottest Picks” nationwide summer campaign.
Rooms in Go Kids stores now feature a Disney Pirates line of furniture. Boys and girls won’t complain when they’re sent to rooms furnished with a Black Pearl bed made of painted wood and sporting a pirate ship mast, a gunpowder barrel nightstand or dressers and drawers bedecked with sword-handle hardware.

And for pirates, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Adventurers require energy, so packaged Pirates of the Caribbean Dried Raisin & Cranberry combo snacks, yogurt granola bars, 100 percent apple juice and fresh pineapples and grapes will be available in groceries and galleys nationwide.

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  1. pirate junky says:

    Yeah, I saw the Pirate-themed tv and bedroom lamp, etc. the other day.  Pretty savvy, as Jack would say.  And speaking of pirates, anyone see the preview for the new Pirate-themed CBS show?