I know I’m behind the times and everyone’s already sounded off on this, but I just now saw Grindhouse and had to write up my thoughts. This film has to be discussed in thirds:

1. Planet Terror: A lot of fun. Well worth the price of admission. Good job, Rodriguez. Love it.
2. The Trailers: All gold. ’nuff said.
3. Death Proof: Okay, I have to admit that a half-hour into this movie I thought my review would be “fuck you too, Tarantino! Asshole!” because it is clearly so fucking boring that I thought he was giving the theatergoing public the finger. And then Kurt Russel showed up and it was awesome. And then he was gone and we got another half-hour of super boring. Then more car action kicked in and it was awesome from that point on. So it occured to me that Tarantino made the boring parts super super boring on purpose to force us into a near-sleep so when Kurt does his stuff it’s all the more jarring and heart-pounding. Now, if you can appreciate that, great. I did. But if you can NOT forgive him for how the boring parts were SO. SO. SO. FUCKING. BORING. THAT. YOU. WANTED. TO. LEAVE. THE. THEATER. AND. KILL. SOMEONE. then I understand that too. But you can’t say it was bad, just that he pushed his plan too far.

Oh, and for anyone that thinks Tarantino portrays women in an objectionable way, go see this film. It’s full of strong, kick-ass women. You’ll love it.