In this musical scene, Eric inspires his disabled friend after winning a “B-class ticket” to visit legendary director, Steven Spielberg. Part 2 of… ?

UPDATE: Re-featured per Junky’s demands. Always appease the Danal!


Look at me. Look at me. Up and about. I haven’t done this in 20 weeks (NOTE: The last time Grandpa Bergy was in LA was 20 weeks prior.)

Grandpa Bergy!

I never thought my life could be, anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I begin to see, a bit of a good luck for me.
Cause you have a B-class ticket… and I get to go back to L.A. for free.

I’ve never had the chance to fly, across the country, oh my oh my
So here we are and there we go to L.A. tomorrow
(GRANDPA BERGY: not Dr. Moreau!)
Cause I have a B-class ticket.. It’s OURS, Bergy!

I got a chance to schmooze among the stars
(GRANDPA BERGY: Well you better make it worth it!)
Oh boy…

I never thought that I could say
That Spielberg would be part of my day

The Lost World!

(GRANDPA BERGY: Author of Rising Sun)

I never thought this time would come
To meet Tarantino and Aniston

Cause George would have said, “It Couldn’t Be Done!”

But it can be done!