“Pressure” – Flash Gordon Music Video

This Flash Gordon music video is the first music video I had ever created. It’s occasionally inspired and clever, so seemed an adequate choice to add to the repertoire of EG video. For those wanting to flashback to yesteryear when Buster Crabbe was Flash Gordon and not a cruel STD joke, this one’s for you. This Flash Gordon music video is set to Billy Joel’s “Pressure” – why? I have no idea.

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No Responses to ““Pressure” – Flash Gordon Music Video”

  1. mdhuff says:

    Kewl.  I can see your editing skills in early bloom.  When did you cut this?

  2. Eros Welker says:

    Had to be high school.  I’d assume 1990?  I’ll look it up but definitely way back when.

  3. junky says:

    This was such a hobby for those of us who’d discovered the video/audio dub features on our VCR decks.  As you well know this was something I loved to to, and I know Eric and I both spent a lot of our mutual time working on these videos in High School and College. 

    I recall this one being your earliest experimentation with editing a video.  The Buster Crabbe tape was one of those public domain VHS tapes that cost $5, and was probably the only one on hand when you decided to make this video in the first place, just as “Pressure” was the only song available, lol. 

    I remember watching this in your basement, and how excited we all were at the prospect of making movies and editing videos.  We were always experimenting with short films, montages and projects for school.  Such an inventive time.  I envy the innocent enthusiasm and excitement that I used to have back then.  It was so contagious.

    I’d be excited to see your video for “Monster,” which was a loving tribute to movie monsters, with creatures taken from every major (and some minor) creature features you could rent from the video store.  That was my favorite.

  4. Eros Welker says:

    Oh that one’s DEFINITELY coming.  Just want to get the drek out before the really good stuff.

    I also got our old pal Ford Fairlane on deck, if you approve.