Mummy 3 For You And Me!

I know I’m the only one excited by this, but I don’t care. Brendar
Fraser is back for The Mummy 3, though the lovely Rachel Weisz will
skidaddle. Our friend, Rob Cohen, will direct, it will be set in China
and feature Jet Li in a villain role. Summer 2008 just got a little
hotter. Jason, want to see with me?

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  1. cybergosh says:

    No – i’m kinda excited…remember i LOVE the Mummy Returns…but for reasons that will be absent in 3.  And Rob Choen has deteriorated into a worthless piece of shit shadow of his former self. Still, with Brendan back it’s enough to get me psyched.

    As long as The Vosloo is back (is he?) i’ll always be there for the midnight show no matter how many Mummy’s they make.