K.I.T.T for sale!!


Junky, you must buy this!! ‘Knight Rider’ Car Up for Sale!

The iconic car from classic 80s TV show Knight Rider is up for sale. KITT was the talking car in the hit series, and had the ability to fire smoke bombs, reach supersonic speeds and get rid of villains using the ejector seat. Sadly, these features won’t be available when the modified black 1982 Pontiac Trans AM goes up for sale at a price of $150,000 – although the iconic red scanner light will be intact. The car belongs to Tim Russo of Livermore, California who is selling it at a local car dealership in Dublin to fans eager to snap up a priceless memory of the show. It was one of four identical vehicles used on the series for close ups with the lead actor David Hasselhoff who played Michael Knight on the hit show.


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  1. junky says:

    I’d buy it, but it looks far too pixelated.  wink

    Seriously, I regret never having bought the Ectomobile for $15,000 – that was an amazing steal.