3 mins after Grindhouse

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I won’t speak for the Berg or the Burnt, but I was a huge fan of the trailers (I could watch a whole movie of that!), a fan of Planet Terror, and a fan of the car sequences of Death Proof. Overall, glad I saw it the way I saw it, but wouldn’t see it again for a long while. I can’t believe how much I hated all the girls in Tarantino’s film. For spoilers and ranting, click to read more.


Grindhouse is a weird movie.  The trailers are by far the best part, though Rodriguez’s Planet Terror is damn entertaining.  It doesn’t make much sense, which is a little disappointing, but it’s fun to watch and satisfying to boot.  On the flipside, Tarantino’s Death Proof makes the most sense, but who gives a fucking damn?  It’s SOOOO GODDAMN BORINGGGGG!!  Unless you enjoy watching long, FUCKING LONG, scenes of young obnoxious girls talking, I can’t understand why anyone would find enjoyment in this film.  The car scenes in Death Proof though are AMAZING, very impressive.

So to total it up.

LOVED:  The trailers (especially Don’t), Kurt Russell, Planet Terror (mostly), Marley Shelton, Rose McGowan, the surprise cameo, the style of the wraparounds and Planet Terror, the car action scenes in Death Proof (as well as seeing the first batch of girls get their comeuppance) and seeing the Biehn on the big screen again.

HATED: Death Proof (mostly), every girl in Death Proof (except for Rosario Dawson, though she lucked through it, and Rose McGowan (who comes out unscathed… from my wrath at least), the fact that Rodriguez couldn’t turn Planet Terror into a coherent story, that this movie was 3 hours and 11 mins long, with an hour and change spent on Death Proof and an hour of that spent on girls fucking talking.