The Host

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Okay… I thought I was going to love this film… I was convinced that it was going to be great… no doubt in my mind that I would NOT be disappointed…but…

unfortunately I am.  Don’t get me wrong… I liked it..had fun watching it..but damn it!!  Bong Joon-ho made a great film.. it’s called “Memories of Murder.”  It is his second film..very strong.. about an unsolved serial killer case in Korea… come to think of it, actually succeeded in some areas that “Zodiac” did not.  Watching how the case drove police officers to obsession.  So after I saw MOM, I bought an import of his first film…”Barking Dogs Don’t Bite”… which I like, don’t love.. but I recognized that Bong knows how to cast.  The casting is actually the strongest part of all three films.

But some critics have said that “The Host” rivals “Jaws” and people on EG know that while respecting Spielberg, I wouldn’t say that he’s a fave…however..”The Host” is no “Jaws.”  “Jaws” succeededs on so many more levels than Bong’s film.  In all, I see “The Host” as nothing more than a popcorn film with a great sense of humor and a very simplified political metaphor for America’s international diplomacy.  I never was really moved or drawn in though.

As far as CGI goes…not that hot.  Probably to the level of the first “Jurassic Park” film and that was way over ten years ago.  It’s hard to believe any CGI after seeing “King Kong” though.

What else?  Well, back to casting..everyone is great.  What I found amazing is that Kang-ho Song is one of the most diverse actors working today… this guy came across as 15 years older in MOM and that was shot 4 years before “The Host.”  This guy can do drama, comedy, and action… see him in “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.”  He’s amazing. all..see this film… very fun..but something was missing for me.  True, Bong knows how to disguise cliches, flip cliches, and embrace cliches… but give me more than cliches.