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  1. Roger says:

    There was a Battlestar Galactica CCG?

  2. CylonJunky says:

    Yeah, always meant to pick up the starter and never did.  Much as I want to pick up the AvP Heroclix miniatures.  The Queen looks awesome. 

    They really FRACKED season three.  Too all over the place.  No spoilers, but I am very disappointed overall in the execution.  Great ideas to be sure, just very jumbled.

    I listen to every podcast and Moore seems to insist that they have a very organic and improvisational writing style on this show.  Seems that while it’s worked wonders in the past, it’s caused a lot of LOST-type threads to fall apart, plotlines to appear and disappear out of nowhere and a general sense of writers-not-knowing-what-comes-next.

    I blame the stupid Caprica pilot for distracting them.  I really don’t want a series about Joe Adama: Space Lawyer.

    At least I don’t think I do. wink