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Wednesday, March 15, 2007
Shia LaBeouf
Project Greenlight: It’s been rumored around a bit on the Web, and now an excellent source says you can count on it: Shia LaBeouf will play the son of Indiana Jones in the upcoming fourth installment in the series, set for release in 2008.
Apparently, the young actor is impressive enough in the upcoming Steven Spielberg-produced Disturbia and Transformers that he won the role.
We liked LaBeouf in Holes and felt inexpressible pity for him in Project Greenlight, when he was suffering through the making of The Battle of Shaker Heights. We missed him in some of the other stuff. So, America, what do you think? He’s got the chops as an actor, but does he have enough leading-man appeal to be the son of Indy? Even some of those close to the project aren’t sure.
But if Spielberg and Lucas are, that’s the end of the conversation. Those two have been kicking around the idea of another Indiana Jones adventure since they all went to an American Film Institute dinner honoring Harrison Ford in February 2000 and watched that boulder roll on the screen. There have been a number of false starts, and by now it’s clear that Ford, who turns 65 this year, needs a kid in the movie.
After all, Indiana Jones is completely foreign to the young audience today, and some in the industry have wondered whether the idea will have broad appeal at this point. It’s also painful to imagine the kind of deal that Paramount will have to give to this collection of talent, though Spielberg is a comparatively thrifty director. Given this combination of players, most studios would say yes and take their chances. (link)


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  1. Bake snaker says:

    amazing that the Project Greenlight thing didn’t ruin his career.  But I must say..the kid won me over with Bill Paxton’s golf movie.

  2. LeJunky says:

    This kid’s always been pretty solid.  I say (again) that it’s gonna be all about the script and the direction.  I like the kid, just another of a million things I hope can somehow gel with this sequel.  Blanchett – can’t get more solid and age-appropriate.  Been crushin’ on that MILF’s green eyes since “Elizabeth.”

    I just wish Marcus Brody were alive.