Escape From New York Remake!?


I’m not sure how I feel about this. I know how Bake is going to feel
about this. Gerard Butler as Snake Plisskin? I love how everything
Carpenter has ever done is being remade. I’m looking forward to the
“Prince of Darkness” remake.


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  1. Cybergosh says:

    Hollywood just doesnt understand anything, does it?  I have to laugh that they think people went to see 300 because of Gerard Butler.  And how he is now a bankable leading man.  As to think people can’t wait for the next Gerard Butler film.  Nothing against the guy, he was okay.  But it could have been anyone with a six pack and able to yell.  Hey, speaking of – i think there were a lot of digital six packs going on in that…if you look, there are a few times where they are just regular and then in the close ups they are these well defined muscles.

    Yes, i was looking at them because like i said i was bored out of my mind.  At one point i was actually counting them to see if there were really six.

    Anyway – this news is gay.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m going to write the following in my twelve-year old voice because it best expresses how I’m feeling:

    OMG!!!!  Gerard Butler is like totally fine!!!  And those are his REAL abs, I’ll have you know.  He worked out for like months and months and months to be that freaking fine!!! Don’t H8, Congratul8!!!!

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Abs are gay.  What’s cool is having to always pull up your pants.  Not because you’re thin, but because your stomache hangs over your pants.  Your fat actully pushes them down so you have to always pull them up when you walk, like, a block.

  4. junky says:

    LOL dont be a h8r!  Yes, as someone who also can’t sit down without a roll of delicious man-tummy spilling over myself I have to say that washboard abs are highly overrated.  I have no idea who Gerard Butler is but he makes me think of Gil Gerard.  I gotta see 300.  Yes, it’s amazing how stars are made.  Much like the Aussie guy who starred in L.A. Confidential suddenly co-starring with Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell in latex in that Anne Rice movie adaptation, Exit to Eden.  That was the same aussie guy, was it not?  What was his name?  Guy something?

    Remember Jasmine Guy?  What’s she up to?  Last I saw she was a butch cop on that Showtime series, Dead Like Me.  That was a good show. 

    Is it warm in here?

  5. snake junky says:

    Oh, forgot to mention that I would rather watch someone torture my puppies than sit through a remake of Escape From New York, unless it were directed by James Cameron and starring Kurt Russell. 

    Can’t they please scrap this movie and just give me a game for xbox 360 instead?

  6. Cybergosh says:

    I Love Kurt Russell…

    March 22, 2007 – The news that New Line Cinema is remaking Escape From New York—and have cast 300 Gerard Butler as Snake Plissken—hasn’t exactly met with universal approval from many fans of the original film. And one of those fans is the man who starred in it, Kurt Russell.

    Russell fumed about the remake to Entertainment Weekly, especially the casting of a Scottish actor to succeed him as one-eyed badass Snake Plissken. “I will say that when I was told who was going to play Snake Plissken, my initial reaction was ‘Oh, man!’ [Russell winces]. I do think that character was quintessentially one thing. And that is, American,” the actor advised EW.com.

    To Russell, his Escape From New York anti-hero wasn’t just any other role. “People come up to me and say, ‘You played Snake Plissken.’ I didn’t play Snake Plissken, I created him!”

    He is also adamantly against the idea of making a cameo or playing any other role in it. “(Expletive) that! I am Snake Plissken! It’s like Sean Connery always watching someone else do their version of Bond. I think one of the things, for instance, about Escape From New York that appealed to me was that it wasn’t a special effects extravaganza. It’s a quiet, dark world and it revolved around watching the behavior of this one guy. He’s a fascinating character. In fact, he’s the most complex character I’ve ever played.”