Zodiac has killed his 13th victim… celluloid.

That’s right..with Zodiac, I officially announce the end of film. Up to this point, I have always seen video as an alternate medium. I supported it more than anyone… sometimes loving it (Winterbottom and Von Trier stuff).. sometimes hating it (Miami Vice). But now with Zodiac, Fincher has succeeded in making the HD format in many ways BETTER than film. It has the look of film but unlike film, can see in to the shadows, expose the night sky and is CLEAN…very clean.

Zodiac is fantastic. I love Fincher. Everyone should see this film. That’s all I have to say.

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    I concur!!  And this is why:  David Fincher decided to use the Thomson Viper FilmStream camera to shoot the entire film, making this the first feature film shot exclusively with the camera, and in the uncompressed digital video format!!