saw these three recently… I don’t have time to go in to detail on them…basically


1)Talladega – one of the best comedies of the year. Love the drawn out scenes, i.e. non-existent fire. Laughed. So much better than Anchorman. Can’t even believe the same people were responsible for both. Worlds, galaxies apart.
2) Jackass 2 – another amazing comedy. Laughed almost as hard as Borat. Punch-out scenes…. fantastic
3) Altered – Can’t agree with Eros whatsoever. Does have nice production value and I do appreciate the unconventional plot structure… but why didn’t Edruado put at least one name in this. He could have gotten a star…very strange. Very disappointing.

6 thoughts on “Talladega Nights, Jackass 2, Alterted”
  1. I fixed your post, as requested, even though you took a shot at Altered.  I’m surprised that Bake Snaker is taking away points because a movie doesn’t have a star?!  I guess they all can’t be Jamel Debbouze or Rie Rasmussen.

    [look right in the trailer column]

  2. LOL, I was so disappointed by Talladega Nights.  Other than that one dinner scene I felt it was really poor.  Loved Anchorman so much more.  We really need to reconsider making comedy together.  rasberry

    Before you post Chris, I’m aware that Sascha Cohen was very funny in this.  But I also think he said/did the same thing over and over in every scene.

  3. Also hate all things Jackass, but I’m aware it has its legitimate place in the anals (pun intended) of counterculture comedy.  I just don’t like obnoxious kids.  Reminds me of when Tom (featured in Queensryche video on EG) made us all go play mailbox baseball.

  4. Also strange that your biggest strike against Altered, which you acknowledge as being well-produced and unconventional, is that there are no stars in it?

  5. That’s why I’m in shock with the Bake.  Next he’ll be saying he finds Asian girls unattractive.

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