James Luceno Call-In Show

Author James Luceno is well known for his novels set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe such as Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader and the New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos series. However, what some fans don’t know is that he also co-wrote the Robotech novels with the late Brian Daley under the pseudonym “Jack McKinney” during the 1980s.

James will be appearing on Chris Meadows’ Space Station Liberty call-in show on Monday, February 5 at 10 PM EST to talk about Robotech, Star Wars, and everything else. The show’s home page is here, and detailed instructions on how to listen and call in are here. Enjoy!

– Roger

3 Responses

  1. Junktape says:

    (major lisping and slurping) This is sooo kewl, I’m four books into the “New Jedi Order” books and Am 3/4 of the way through James Luceno’s first “Agents of Chaos” installment, which is all about a growing rift between Han, Leia and their son Anakin over the loss of a dear friend (slurp!  slurp!).  Meanwhile, a Yuzhan Vong assassin poses as a prisoner of war in order to infect the Jedi with an alien virus!  (slurp!  slurp!) Luke is playing right into their hands!  What fate shall befall our heroes?

    Seriously, Luceno’s “Dark Lord” book kicks ass (search for my review here on EG).  He’s one of the better EU writers, though Timothy Zhan is the king.  (His new book Allegiance just came out in hardcover, slurp! – also takes place between eps 3 and 4, and includes the introduction of Mara Jade as the Emperor’s Hand, slusssssh.)

  2. Roger says:

    Show’s over. You can download it off of iTunes.

  3. Robotech_Master says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention of the show.

    I’ve now segmented it into four pieces, and while every one of them contains fascinating material, the Star Wars stuff starts in the second piece.

    You can get ‘em from iTunes, or from the show’s homepage.

    Thanks again!