(RealityTVworld.com) — VH1 has announced the premiere of Dice Undisputed, a new reality series that will offer an “intimate” look into the often humorous life of popular 1980s funny-man Andrew “Dice” Clay as he tries to resurrect his career and reclaim his self-proclaimed title as the “Rocky of Comedy.” The seven episode half-hour reality series is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, March 4 at 10:30PM ET/PT.

Infamous for his raunchy nursery rhyme adaptations as well as for earning a “lifetime ban” from MTV for his profane language and the offensive nature of his jokes during the 1989 Video Music Awards, Dice Undisputed will document Clay’s attempt to “come out of retirement” and recapture his former comic heavyweight glory. From writing a book to cutting a record to producing his own Sirius radio show and playing to the types of crowds that made him a legend, Undisputed will follow Clay as he pulls out all the stops in an attempt to fight his way back on top.

Along the way, Clay’s controversial, leather-clad, macho image will collide with the 49-year-old comic’s real-life personal life — a life that includes being a divorced but devoted father of two who’s also juggling a relationship with Eleanor, his strong willed ex-wrestler fiancee.

Also thrown into Undisputed’s fray are Clay’s posse of friends and road crew, otherwise known as his “dysfunctional, middle-aged entourage,” including “Wheels,” his ever-dieting buddy; Todd, his witless road manager; “Happy Face,” his stone-faced ninja- trained bodyguard; and Uncle Lee, his doting mentor who spouts sage advice at the drop of a hat. Often supplying unwanted advice, Clay’s entourage also provides him an endless supply of comedic rants for his stand-up.

Dice Undisputed is executive produced by Danny Salles for Fox TV Studios. Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes, Alex Demyanenko and Damla Dogan are executive producers for VH1.

Cybergosh, circa 1990, as seen cheering on the Diceman in the opening scenes of Dice Rules.

By Cybergosh

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