Do you like robots?


Forgive me, gentle EG readers, for I have sinned against you. I haven’t been spending enough quality time here, but there are good reasons for it. I’ve been toiling away on feature articles for Super7 Magazine about 1980s Japanese robot toys.

Issue #15, which just came out last week, features an article on MOSPEADA and Southern Cross, which made up two thirds of the American series Robotech. This one is really special to me because it features six pieces of previously unpublished pre-production artwork from these shows that I discovered in a dusty warehouse in Japan. You can get a taste of this artwork here.

Issue #14 covers Macross (the remaining third of Robotech).

Issue #13 and Issue #5 cover VOTOMS and Dougram respectively, the shows that epitomized the robot-vehicles-as-tanks aesthetic and really kicked the 1980s mecha revolution into high gear.

The magazine can be found at most major book stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders, but you can order the issues directly from Super7’s site using the links above.

Please pardon the pimping. ;p

– Roger

2 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Does it have anything on 2X-L?  He was my best friend.

  2. Roger says:

    He was 8 tracks of unbridled love.