Serpenti short film

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There’s an action chase scene, comedic timing and horrific serpents all rolled into this 60-second film.

I don’t think many of you have seen this, and I’ll look to get more of my work up on the site… but this was originally produced because our old pal Medlingkid had a dream. And his dream was to have John Carpenter host a horror film festival and people would submit 60-second works of terror-ific art and he’d comment on our work… and we’d get paid some nice cash. Unfortunately, none of those things happened (no fault of the “kid”) but what was left in the ashes was this fun little short that gave birth to a “zaga.”

This was shot in about 3 hours, right near 21st and 2nd avenue (and in the courtyard at 21st street), sometime (I believe) in August of 2002. Special kudos to Adam and Bryan, playing Victim and Divl respectively, for channeling their roles so wonderfully and making themselves available on a Sunday morning, if memory serves me right. This particular piece was edited by Scott Cohn, who took the mania and made it into a film for a lousy $100 (which is all this cost to produce).

Trivia bit: Adam’s line had to be overdubbed by Scott because for some reason the audio was bad, and Adam wasn’t available. Also the sounds of the “snakes” are hollowed out liter bottles and scratching on a guitar.