Beauty & The Geek: Season 3 Woes

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imageSo those who know me know that I’m a big fan of “Beauty and the Geek.” For those unfamiliar with the show, it takes hot brain dead girls and geeky socially awkward guys and makes them team up to win $250,000. Along the way, the girls are supposed to show off they’re more than boobs and that guys who play games or talk about Star Trek are more than meets the eye. I don’t know what about hot girls thinking geeks are attractive speaks to me… But I digress.

While I love the show and concept, this latest season is starting to show some wear and tear. As mentioned, it’s a game show, and while it’s VERY clear all of the guys are there for the experience of social interaction, some of the girls are clearly there to earn a quick buck. The guys are getting makeovers and becoming less intimidated by sexy bitches… but many of the girls are lounging around in bikinis, manipulating men and not soaking in anything.  The guys are learning how to perform in front of live audiences or go on dates, while the girls

are learning how to kayak and use a metal detector? 

So what exactly is this social experiment proving? As it goes on, despite a fondness for the geeks, you’re rooting against them because you want their “better-looking” money-grubbin’ shallow halves to get the F out of there.  Has anyone else experienced this show?  Am I being naive?  BTW, one of the “geeks” is in a Star Wars tribute band.  He rocks.