The Hitcher – Remake

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Why would somebody remake a film and decide to exclude the best sequence from the original????? WHY!!!!! THE HELICOPTER DOESN’T FALL FROM THE SKY!!!!!!!!

For a Michael Bay remake, it’s not that bad. Sean Bean is the best possible casting for this role. But the writing doesn’t allow him to rise to the sinister heights that Rutger did. There is a rock soundtrack for the kiddies…terrible move. And it honestly doesn’t look as good as the original. The Super 35 doesn’t have the scope of the anamorphic Panavision epicness of the original. The action was more impressive in the first, probably because stunt men actually put their lives at risk back then. And a very bad script decision to have the guy and girl on a road trip together instead of the way that C. Thomas Howell meets up with the sympathetic Jennifer Jason Leigh along the way.

One nice addition – SPOILER – they switch it up..the guy gets tied to the truck instead of the girl….and we see it this time!!! BUT WHY DID YOU DUMP THE HELICOPTER SHOT, YOU ASSES!!!!