Open Water 2: Adrift Coming Soon

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Coming February 20th is the sequel to a movie that I think I’m the only
one who likes. Direct to DVD, Open Water 2: Adrift which according to
Lions Gate Films is the following:

Based on a harrowing true story about a weekend cruise aboard a luxury
yacht that goes horribly awry for a group of old high school friends who
forget to lower the ladder before they jump into the ocean for a swim.
The boat proves impossible to climb, leaving them adrift, miles from
shore. As the reality of the situation sinks in, the friends begin to
turn on each other. Soon the exhaustion of keeping afloat and the
struggle to get back on board begin to take a terrible toll. What
started as a joyful reunion becomes a fight for survival!

I don’t like it so much, I want sharks, but whatcha gonna do?